Teeny and Tasty Technicolor! Micro Flowers are small but mighty when it comes to dressing up myriad culinary creations with a charming and dramatic splash of gloriously vivid colors.  The perfect fusion of Micro & Flower

Salads, desserts, crudités, appetizers, cocktails and entrees absolutely love its pretty presence. So incredible! So edible! Micro Flowers

You can always click on a picture to enlarge it!

Micro DianthusMicro Flower Mix
Micro Flower Mix

Micro DianthusMicro Dianthus
Dianthus - Micro & Full Size

Micro FuchsiaMicro Fuchsia
Micro Fuchsia Flower

Micro MarigoldMicro Marigold
Micro Marigold

Micro Marigold FloretMicro Marigold Floret
Micro Marigold Floret

Micro SnapdragonMicro Snapdragon
Micro Snapdragon

Micro Star FlowerMicro Star Flower
Micro Star Flower


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