Our Restaurant Offerings are Awesome!

As the Chef, you already know the importance of having the best specialty products at your fingertips. Now let us amaze you with the quality and selection of our Gourmet petite or micro greens, herbs, edible flowers, baby vegetables and other specialty produce. All delivered to your door the next morning by FedEx ®.  At Nature’s Best Garden,  we demand close attention to all of the details. Just like you do when you’re creating a culinary masterpiece.  microgreens

At Nature’s Best Garden we've already planned the harvest from the fields each day before the sun comes up. We have dedicated partnerships with over thirty local San Diego growers, who compete with each other to grow the best specialty produce possible. So we can choose from the best of the best and send it right to you. With freshness and quality beyond compare!  All year long.

We deliver the awesome customer service that many promise but so few truly deliver.   Because you asked for it . . . . you can now call us as late as 2:00 p.m. Eastern Time with your order, and we make sure it’s there the next morning by FedEx ®. Giving you more time to determine your needs or handle unforeseen demand.

Product Quality - Great Selection - Awesome Service - Always Competitively Priced

Try Us for that Field to Fork Freshness your Clientele expects!