Herbs: (Also check-out our Gourmet Micro & Petite Herbs)

Arugula (Wild) Italian Parsley Oregano
Basil   Lavender Rosemary
Bay Leaves  Lemon Grass Sage
Chervil   Lemon Thyme Savory
Chives Marjoram Sorrel
Cilantro Mint Tarragon
Dill Thyme


Herb Tops & Leaves (Click for Pics!)


Seasonal Herbs:

These herbs are available only seasonally because we insist that they must be grown to perfection, and some things just don’t grow right unless you have the ideal natural weather conditions.  Seasonal herbs can be ordered in the same packaging options as all other herbs.  Try a splash of Lemon in your Thyme or Pineapple in your Mint, and you’ll be convinced that these are worth waiting for! 

Epazote Mint - Pineapple  
Hoja Santa Mint - Chocolate  
Lemon Verbena Mint - Orange  
Lime Leaves Peppermint